Expert Comb™

  • Brand: Capelli Innovations
  • Product Code: Product 1
  • Availability: Sold Out / In production. eta. 8 weeks.
Patent Pending


Featuring Expert Comb™. The Expert Comb™ is the new technology for the hair industry, showing a LED level that is able to lock in a selected angle to create a consistent haircut.

  • Keeps a consistent selected angle to ensure and even haircut.
  • Matches both sides of the head to the correct angles.
  • Able to check a haircut to see if the angles are consistent.
  • Teaches how to keep all haircuts accurate.

Reviews (3)

Judy D.
I have been doing hair for many years and when first saw the Expert Comb I did not know what to think, but after using it, it kept me honest and consistent on all the cuts I made. Great Tool!!!!!!!!
Ali Q.
I have used the Expert Comb in my training programs with my new stylists to my salon. Every stylist have stated it makes the cuts and designs they are creating more accurate. I recommend this tool for all students and stylists out there
Donna T.
I use the Expert Comb to check all my haircuts to make sure all my lines are the same, and to be honest it did catch me a couple time not being on track. I have some of my clients asking me to make sure I use that comb to check the haircut. My clients and I love the Expert Comb.